Thursday, February 25, 2010

SPRING... has to get here sooner or later!
 I finally have gotten some motivation
to do some Spring projects! 

...old bottles embellished & ready 
for Spring flowers

...more bottles showin' a little love! try at painting on water color paper
I will mount it in a chippy old window frame.

I hope Spring will be comin' your way soon!
If it's already arrived, please send some 
warm sunshine to Nebraska!


  1. Loving your springy items. Maybe they will bring spring earlier!!

  2. Oh YES - I'm ready for spring too. Michigan is supposed to get more snow tomorrow and Saturday, but nothing like the states out east. Guess we should be thankful for that! Great new items, looks like you got your inspiration back. Have a good weekend, Dawn

  3. I LOVEEEE those little bottles!!!

  4. Sping is coming darlin...I promise! Your bottles are ADORABLE!
    Have a great day!