Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please "Bear" With Us!

We are still trying to figure out our 2010 plans for 

The Whistle Stop! 

Between frozen, broken pipes and 

our winter wonderland of 

snowy weather we are behind in getting the shop 

undressed from the Holidays! 

Most of our little kitchen had to be torn apart,

 re-plumbed, new drywall put up and then 

primed and  painted (painted several times)!

  I had planned on a little Valentine show and 

had ordered a few things but, Valentines day is

 Sunday and the shop is still not 

feelin’ the LOVE

It’s feelin’ the “MESS”

        We are still toying with the idea of being 

open every Saturday! ???? 

Just this time of year with our cold, Cold, COLD 

temperatures it’s been impossible to work 

in the garage on furniture and such. 

I have no excuses for not working in the 

craft room though...

 except maybe the “winter blues”!  

          We will let you all know soon of our 

plans for the little bit of a country store... 


 Bear says, “Winter is for Hibernating!” 

I knew I liked him for more 

than his good looks! He’s insightful too! 

  Thanks all for your patience!



  1. You'll have to get in the craft room and join up for Junkle Bells! Honestly, the cold is just getting soooooo oooold!!

  2. Jill,
    I know!!! I had the best intentions! I'll try and get going on some projects. I did leave out some Holiday supplies so I could work on some things.
    Hopefully you'll see something from me soon!
    Stay warm,

  3. So sorry to hear about your "mess"! I've really had to push myself lately to keep sewing, but once I got in the swing of it - it isn't all bad! Hope your blues fade into the sky! Dawn

  4. Boy sounds like you all have had your hands full!!! It will all come back together. Hugs, Janna