Monday, September 6, 2010

... a little bit of Autumn is brewing
in the craft room!

Now if the "Good Witch" would only
share some magic so I could
fill up the shop in just three days!!!
I am just a wee bit behind!

... and one last little treat to share from

Summer's End!


  1. I'd whip up a magic potion to give you more time if I could! But we are all too anxious to see your fab shop in all it's fall splendor! Hope I get to come!

  2. Well gosh Laurie, you have had a bad tooth, so of course you are behind! But you will get there, I have faith in ya!! I'll see ya sometime this weekend, not sure what day yet though. Looking forward to see what you have. Hopefully you are now feeling better and yes, I am feeling much better also. See you soon!!