Monday, October 17, 2011


just want to say hello!
Busy, Busy, Busy!!!
Computer problems... AGAIN!!!
{can't post anything to my website... 
no pictures, no schedule, no newsletter}
There's so much to do,
because of...
1. Holiday MARKET Open House is coming up!
Nov. 3rd, 4th & 5th!

2. We are opening a temporary store
for the Holidays @ Village Pointe Shopping Center in Omaha 
during November & December! 

3. The Whistle Stop will keep our schedule as planned.
Open Saturdays 10-4 
{closed Sat. Oct. 29th as we prepare for the holidays!}
Along with our Holiday MARKET (see above) 
& Twinkle Night, Monday Evening Dec. 5th 5:30-8:30

4. Autumn Festival @ the Qwest Center
Nov. 17th - 20th 

If I don't get here that often you'll know why!
 Off I go... lot's to do today!


  1. It sure is that time of year! We're really busy getting ready for the holidays too. Just remember to have fun while you're so busy! Dawn

  2. WOW, that IS a lot to get ready for. wishing you luck on all of them!