Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Little Shop...

 ... is getting a little make over!

 We went with a lighter color palette this time.
(Eddie Bower colors from Lowes 
walls /wicker, trim /shore & ceiling/cloth)
 She looks so pretty just like this I almost 
hate to fill her up... almost. 
The "Mr." painted walls, trim & ceiling... then refinished 
the old floors.  They went from dusty, dry & gray to this
warm, rich color. Just love them!!!!

The move back begins today... better get a move on!


  1. Wow, your space is gorgeous. I love the warmth it has.

  2. Great space and colors!
    Happy New Year

  3. It looks fantastic Laurie! I love the light ceiling...and the floor looks amazing.

  4. Looking beautious! Can't wait to see pictures when it's filled back up. Happy New Year, Dawn

  5. We've started the move out of Village Pointe so she is filling up... with more furniture than we have room for! Better than not enough though.