Monday, August 10, 2009

100 Year Old Barn...

... it's has served it's duty as a shelter to cows, pigs, tractors, 
barn swallows, wasps, frogs & barn cats... 
Now it's duty has come to an end
but, it's memories will live on with the 3rd generation family 
who so generously let us tear off as much wood as we wanted!

It will live on in primitive crafts & cupboards
 The Whistle Stop! 
Now if only we could get the boards to talk
& tell us stories of the past 100 years! 

Meet my DH & son Matt.
It's a boys dream... demolition!

The old barn had been covered in tin
in order to extend it's life. I think it single handedly 
kept the nail companies in business! 

The door to the hay loft... it was much bigger
 on the ground than it looked up in the rafters.

Meet Mark...  a friend of the family who owns
the farm. Thanks for all your help, the 
wonderful meal & comfy room & board!

Meet Fred...  
... the most awesome cat! 
He loves company!

Loved the old chicken waterer!
It's still being used... darn!

Cluck... Cluck... Cock-a-doodle-do!
The owners of the farm sent us home with
sweet corn & eggs! Yummy!

What's a farm without a tractor?
Loved this old red tractor... wish I could
haul it to the Bonanza with me!

Meet Mr. Spotted Frog... he hung out with us
as we tore down the barn wood.

Look at our stash!!! 
Two days of stripping the tin & boards...
A lot of work... for the guys... I mostly supervised! 
Thanks to our nephew for letting us 
borrow his truck &  trailer!

Meet... hmmm... what shall I call him?
I like Fred, but it's already taken.
How about Elmer? 
Yes, Elmer is his name.

Elmer was the first project made from the
old barn wood. He is a special order for 
a wonderful couple that visit the Whistle Stop
each and every show! 

Elmer is munching on my Zinnia patch!
I'm going to miss him, but hope he likes
his new home next to the garden shed.
I hope his new owners 
love Elmer as much as I do! 


  1. It looks amazing! Such wonderful finds you have had this summer! I can't wait to see what you turn them all into!


  2. What a lot of work - but so well worth it! Be sure to post pics as you create. I'll be watching, Dawn

  3. It is so much work to tear the barn wood off of barns, I don't envy you at all. But at least you got some extras to take home and enjoy! Looks like it was a good day, the guys were still smiling!

  4. i for one would love to hear the stories the old barn wood would tell!

  5. What a great adventure and eggs and corn to boot!

  6. I think Elmer is a girl!! :)

  7. I guess your right!!! Maybe Ellie then... :)

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