Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goin' on a JUNK HUNT...

Ever since we got the news that we were
going to be vendors at the Junk Bonanza we have
been on the hunt for lots of "JUNK"! 
I saw an ad on Craig's List that said...

"We are getting ready for a BULK trash pick up. Emptying the garage 
and basement. There will be old antique wooden chairs, old tables, 
old antique ironing boards, old tvs, old shelves, old step stools, 
and a bunch of scrap... some metal some wood. 
We will be there around 7:30pm putting out, if you wish to take please 
do so  ...if you do please try to keep some order to the piles. "

So, we headed over to IA a little early to find the house. 
We saw a few things laying inside the gate and thought... 
"do we hang around for an hour and a half?"... 
We went and ate dinner and went back to the house about 7:15...

We couldn't believe our eyes!!!

The curb was filling up with all kinds of 

We started piling things up by the car...
Oh, we wished we would of brought a truck!!
This house had been in the family forever and lot's of
treasures had been left behind. 
The granddaughter is going to move in to the house. 
I'm sure the house would be jumping up and down 
with joy if it could! They were such nice people. 
They were grateful we were taking 
stuff off their hands and we were grateful to get it! 

We had chairs tied to the roof!

The seats were laid down and it was 
packed to the brim.

Sweet little concrete bunnies...
... I'll share more of our lucky finds as we unpack
and get our treasures ready to sell.


Watch for another post coming on the 
little rusty wagon... it's too cute!


  1. SHUT UP, Oh MY GOSH, Unbelievable... You hit the mother load of junk, I am just in shock, and all of it was some really cool stuff, way to go junk sister!! I gotta go back and look at it all once more!! Tootles, Janna

  2. You hit the jackpot!! I cannnot believe they were going to throw it all away...I am glad you rescued it!



  3. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! What a find! Congrats to you. Can't wait to see more pictures. Well, our Site, Sounds and Tastes went a little better than the p.j. party. All in all, I did do pretty well this weekend. Have a great Sunday, Dawn

  4. And I cannot believe my eyes. These people threw out some really good stuff. I've never seen anything like this. Stan

  5. they will be kicking themselves someday-oh well, lucky lucky you!

  6. Glad you understand about the VW! I had 3 different bugs (one convertible and one super beetle) back in the day. I want one of the new bug convertibles so bad, just don't know how I could make it work with the shop! One of these days though!!!! Can't wait to see what other goodies you found on your "junk round-up" at the house. Have a great day! Dawn

  7. That is amazing! What great junk they had. And just in time for the Junk Bonanza. Fun post.

  8. Wow! We're you at the right place at the right time or what? Hope to meet you at the Junk Bonanza, as I'm a vendor there for the first time as well. Good luck and wow, is all I can say. Great finds!