Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Barn Wood Live On...

The old barn had served it's owners 
for over a 100 years!
(see previous post)

Here is a piece of the old barn siding
  before it was readied for furniture making.

The old barn siding lives on in this
  beautiful farm table my husband built
for an especially sweet Whistle Stop Customer.

Look at the detail... 

These pictures don't really do the table top
justice. The old barn wood has so much character.
The farm table now has a new home and the 
old barn wood will continue to serve...
... in a different place
... in a different way 

Who knows maybe it will
have another 100 years of stories to tell!


  1. Totally Amazing. I am always astounded by the beautiful work Jeff does. I hope one day to have many of his one of a kind peices in my home!


  2. Love what you are doing, I don't know where my first comment just went. Loved your blog, be back for more. I love blogs where I can learn something that I am interested in.