Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here's the news...

... #1 we are having a 
Be Our 
 Open House!
It may not be as stocked as we like
our events to be but, considering our
weather lately it's the best we could do!
I think a little Whistle Stop fix is better 
than none... I hope you think so too!

... #2 our Shopkeeper Saturdays
are back! 
Open Saturdays
beginning in February!

... #3 we've rented a "work shop"!!!
This may not seem like huge news but,
after years of just working out of our garage
it is huge excitement for us!
It will mean less time making room to work
and more time actually getting work done!
 More space =  more product that 
will make it's way to the shop
each week! 

I am still rescuing my mailing & email list.
Postcards & emails will hopefully go out 
tomorrow or Friday at the latest.
If you follow the blog & are a customer
of the "SToP" please pass the word!

I will post some pic's of projects for 
our Valentine re-opening as soon as
I find my cord for my camera. 
Still working on that 
"get organized" 
"to do" list! 


  1. Sounds like a great "reopening" and I'm sure you will have customers lined up to some in - just wish I could be one of them! Isn't this a busy time of year getting ready for all of the changes after Christmas? Fun though. Can't wait to see your pictures, Dawn

  2. YAY! I was hoping you were gonna tell us about a Valentine Open House!! I can't wait....I hope I have money!! That's great that you guys found a workshop, hopefully it's close to you!


  3. I wish I was there!!! I have many projects on the go and I'll let you know if I have anything I think might fit in! I can't wait for the day that you have have a few online items! Then I can get in on some of the beautiful things you have!

    (PS I did get your Holiday package and the thank you is in the mail!)