Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Pictures....

If my memory serves me right this is our 
first open house with a 
Valentine theme! 

... a checked heart pillow with a pocket for tucking
love notes is made from an old wool blanket. 
... old cream buttons strung and shaped into a heart
... scrappy quilt stuffed hearts

Now if I could only twinkle my nose and
have these multiply! 

... these are reproduction printer blocks. 
They have been a very popular item in the
shop but, are now being discontinued. 
I wanted to use up what's left so I put some sayings 
together and added a little wire for displaying
pictures, postcards... Valentines!

 ... chalkboards!
This particular one is sold but we have others.
Leave your Valentine a sweet message!

Go to the website for more information 
on our events & Saturday hours! 


  1. You always have the cutest things! I love the "button" heart. We'll have to talk one of these days! Dawn

  2. So cute-I bet your open house will be a big hit :)

  3. Too Cute!! I wish I lived closer to you. Would love to visit your shop...

  4. I love the wool pillow. So sweet. One of these days I'm determined to make it up to your shop. It looks wonderful.