Monday, May 30, 2011

Sherry & Linda... from Junktion 42
These two gals have been customers of the "SToP" 
for some time. One day Sherry came in and asked 
if I would post a postcard for her up and coming 
show at her home... "of course!", I said. 
The card had the greatest, repurposed junk pictured!
 I knew I just had to go!

I arranged for a friend to work & the "Mr." and I
headed to IA for a fun day of shopping... or so we thought.
... and here is the funny part of the story.

We found our way to her home and when 
we pulled up in the driveway I said to 
my husband, there's nobody here. 
Right then I realized... 
I looked down at the postcard and YES... 
I had the wrong date! 
 Good thing the "Mr." is a really a patient guy! 

So, I for one can't wait to see some of the 
wonderful, repurposed junk that Junktion 42 
will be bringing to the Shopkeeper & Friends show!

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