Sunday, February 20, 2011

... a Day of "Junkin'"

... we took a day off to go "junkin'" 
and headed North!

Remember my friend Cammie from the post above.
She is the "Queen" of junk & sees potential in
all that all things old... even the junk 
awaiting the impending burn pile 
or demolition! 

 Here, the Mr. & Cammie, of Daffadowndilly's,
 in one of her buildings.
Yes, I said one, because there is more!
Next time we'll take a trailer and a lot more money!

The storage bay... with one little path. 
We found treasures though! A table, a desk,
some metal racks and... 
dun, da, da, da!!!

Over 200... old, chippy porch spindles!
I think these ought to last me through all
the years seasonal projects! 
Flowers on spindles, birdhouses on spindles
jack-o-lanterns on spindles, 
stars... snowmen... snowflakes...
so many ideas!!!

I forgot to get a picture of the front
of the shop. She has a cute
window display in it.
The inside is stuffed with "junk"!
Stuffed is an understatement!

Cammie & I... 
Don't look at us...
... well you can look at Cammie.
(I always have my eyes closed in pictures... ?)
Look at the "junk"! Suitcases stacked,
boxes, jars, globes, books, game pieces,
silver ware, light fixtures... 
You name it, Cammie probably has it! 

Almost looks like The Whistle Stop, doesn't it?
This is where Cammie cleans, sorts & assembles
projects for the magazine shoots & Bachman's store
in MN.  It was full of boxes of things ready to 
be shipped and workbenches were full of projects
in progress. We found treasures here too!
Wire baskets, a little stool, an old small box that is
just calling for an old handle to be added! 

We didn't even get to the two trailers full
of wonderful stuff! Next time! 

We left a few treasures behind that wouldn't
fit in the car.  I guess we'll be makin' another 
trip next month. Saved a few special things
for our Spring Market Open House!!! 
It was a fun & successful "junkin'" kind of day!
Oh, ya!

If you are lookin' for the new
Flea Market Style Magazine I brought 
a few home with me. 
I'll have them at the shop next Saturday.
If you can't wait I can always drop it in the mail.
$9.95 plus shipping. 


  1. WOW! What a haul and it looks like such a fun place to go "junkin". Can't wait to see pictures of what you do with it all! Dawn

  2. You are so lucky, I would love to rummage around cammie's stuff.
    Thanks for ataking us along.

  3. Love those spindles...and Cammie's places are just the best! What fun!! Lezlee

  4. My daughter and I were at Cammie's the day after you! I would have certainly snatched up some of those spindles! But we found oodles of goodies too! Next time you go, let me know and we'll all meet up! I'll pick both your brains for wedding ideas!