Sunday, February 6, 2011

The "SToP" starts the year off...

... with a little love!

A show favorite... Valentine yard art made from
antique iron fence rods & old bedsprings.

On the left... this child's little, red step-back cupboard
made a darling backdrop for everything Valentine!

See more pictures of our
open house on our website .


  1. Hi Laurie, looks like you had some great stuff! Hubby and I have been so sick so that is the only reason why I was not there, and you know that I had to be really really sick not to make it! Hope it all went well for you!


  2. Laurie you are one busy gal! You have just the kind of store I would like to have, or at least shop at!

  3. Hi Laurie. Yup, we've been busy filling the shop and the booth, but it has been DEAD!!! Sure hoping that things pick up in the weeks ahead. It isn't just me, everyone around me is having the same problem - hopefully it's just the weather. Hope you're staying warm, Dawn

  4. The heart yard art is wonderful. Love them!