Sunday, February 27, 2011


... what the Mr. found!!!

What would you do...
...paint it?
...piece it out?
...sell it all together?
...keep it? 

So many possibilities! 

Just think of all the junk it could hold! 


  1. I would definitely keep it to store crafting supplies, extra candles, pieces and parts. I love it!

  2. I love it! I would have to keep it. I have a couple of baskets, from my old school. You might make more selling by the piece, but I would have to split it up. Lezlee

  3. That is fantastic! I would definitely keep it, at least for awhile, and use it to store or display all your 'smalls'. Customers might have fun rooting thru them for goodies!

  4. Very interesting piece Laurie! I could fill each one of those baskets with stuff...ha! I'll be in one of these Saturday's when I know I'm not gonna carry any germs in with me! Someday I'll be over this cold!

  5. Brenda...I'm not worried about germs! I work with special needs kids... knowing you should blow your nose isn't always a given! Ha! Between germs and handling money at the shop I figure I should be immune to most things!

  6. Oh sell meeeeeee.....
    Oh it's so special I would treasure it...
    All kidding a side....Hang on to it, you will never find another...

  7. I agree, you should sell it to meeeeee!!!!

  8. Well, I would say paint it and keep it. (Or start a bidding war between three peaches & Cammie!) This is just an awesome piece! (er...pieces!)

  9. A bidding war... hmmm... might be a good idea Jill!

  10. I would so keep that...such a great piece.